I designed and created all UI elements excluding chat box and emote icons. Along with being the UI & UX designer, my other responsibilities are but not limited to: programming, level design, lighting, and prefab managements.

These are all the UI elements I have created for Isolated Intelligence.

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UI Elements


Top 3 chosen

Crosshair used

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In-game Footage



Captured was a digital imaging course final project. All digitized images have been created from scratch. For the final project we were to design our own game on paper to then be digitized. The game had to be designed for Playstation. All designs are modular (e.g health bar colour, background, chains, hooks are all separate layers)

There are two drawings that have been digitized, the others without drawings have been designed in mind and digitized. Some designs have been altered during the final stages of digitizing.

Drawings to Digitized


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