Made in Unreal Engine 4, v4.17


Prop Attack, created by 'Enter Name Here', is developed in Unreal Engine 4, version 4.17.


Prop Attack is a networked player versus player deathmatch, inside a home. The twist is that you are a household item fighting other household items. You start off as a random household object; however, you are able to switch by possessing other household objects within the home. 


There are a variety of ways to defeat your opponents, from using regular attacks to picking up power-ups; however, hiding for too long will emit a particle effect, which will reveal your position. 

Roles & Contributions

 Lead Programmer

  • Managed:

    • Programming team​

    • Documentation

      • CRC diagrams

      • Sequence diagrams

      • UML diagrams

    • Unreal Engine folder structure

  • Networking:

    • Players​

    • Pickups

    • Possesion

  • Possession:

    • All small props ​

  • Player setup​::

    • Camera​

    • Movement

    • Possession handling

    • Particle effects

    • Power-up effects

  • Gameplay:

    • Attacking

    • Damaging players

  • Pickups:

    • Speed boost 

    • Damage boost

    • Shield

    • Health

    • Randomizer

  • Menu systems​​

Lead Designer

  • Level design:​

    • Contributed design ideas​

    • Digitized level designs

    • Managed documentation

    • Contributed to level creation

  • UI/UX Design:

    • Created custom UI designs:​

      • Health bar​

        • Three states​

    • Anti-camping feature​

      • Player will emit smoke​

    • Menu system design

3D Artist

  • 3D Artist:

    • Created 18 assets - top 3:

      • Skateboard

      • TV 's

      • Geometric ceiling light

In-game images



As the lead programmer, I was responsible for managing the code team, documentation, code design, and network programming. 

Code Snippets


Code Design


Lead Design

As a lead designer, my contributions toward Prop Attack are but not limited to: level design, documentation, UI, and UX design. Due to time constraints some and working on multiple game projects simultaneously, some UI elements are incomplete.

Level design documentation PDF below


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v4.0 1/12/20