Alongside being the lead designer for Isolated Intelligence, I also provided assistance in programming. Below you will see some of my work on the project.

Below are a few code snippets of work I have done for Isolated Intelligence. 

3D Main Menu Handler


Isolated Intelligence started with a monotonous 2D main menu. I went onto designing and creating the 3D main menu. After many design iterations, this was the final outcome of the 3D main menu, polished.

This is the SetMount method for the 3D main menu. It is used to set the cameras next mouning position.
This is the 'FixedUpdate' for the 3D menu main.

Airlock Manager


The airlock was an idea from the beginning; however, the airlock went through many different iterations for seamless loading. 

Due to the programming team focusing on higher priorities, I stepped in to help with having the airlock load the next levels along with animations.


The airlock was only to load the next level once both players are in (if one left it would cause issues). The airlock lights were only to animate specifically per player (green for organic character and purple for robot). Lastly, the doors were only to animate once both players are within the airlock.

All airlocks had to be in same exact position in every scene in order for seamless loading, this ties into my level designing. Each ending airlock had to match up exactly with a beginning airlock for the next level, otherwise players would not be in their correct positions for the next level.

These are methods created for the Airlock transitioning.
This is the OnTriggerEnter metho for the airlock transition.

Moving Platforms

The moving platform script is used in a variety of areas, from actual moving platforms to moving objects such as staircases as shown in the video below.

As the lead designer for Isolated Intelligence, I designed a few levels to use moving platforms. Due to the programmers having higher priorities, I decided to create my own moving platform script for the levels I had designed and created.


Alongside being both the lead programmer and lead designer, I also contributed towards creating 3D assets.

Due to group conflicts I was nearly the sole programmer of the project. Below are some code snippets I have done for the project.

Character Class


Below is the setup of the character class. Each player will be set up the same way along with their actions and movement being replicated to the server. 


Character Possess


The Possess method was designed to handle player possessions, in other words, taking control of a new object within the world.

Once all the steps have been cleared and the player is able to possess, the action will get called to the server. The server will swap the players control onto the new object that is selected.


Character Pickable Actor


Below is linked with the possession method above. Calling the pickable actor will send the players current "actor" information to the server to check if it is an actual "actor". While doing so, it will replace the players current actor information to the new object that is being possessed.



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