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Having viewed all of NEM's outdated designs, I was determined to update everything. The company had no possession of any designs, they were either created to then be scanned and reprinted or the designs were templates ordered (invoices, work orders etc.) 


I designed and recreated everything for the company while also providing documents for future adjustments if needed.

Below are all the designs I am able to show. There are many more documents I had designed such as work orders, time sheets, email signatures, web design and more; however, most of which I cannot show.


NEM's old company logo was being used everywhere and I did not like it one bit. It was squished, not proportional and it was blurry. A company logo should be crisp and made with quality. 

Taking the old design as reference, I recreated it. I did my best to keep it as similar to the original logo as possible, design style, font and shapes.


NEM's original flyer was very outdated, washed out and did not look very professional. Taking the old design into consideration, I took some time to redesign the flyer using the new company logo and title card. 

Below you can view the before and after image to the flyer using the slider.


NEM had been using premade invoices from online ordering. Upon ordering you were able to choose a style and design. I personally wanted to change this as the old design was not that professional and you could tell it was a template design.

Below you can see the design I had created, all from scratch. I created the pattern for the top banner on Photoshop, while the rest was done in Illustrator.

All information within the image have been removed (address, division number, cell and fax). 

Business Cards

NEM had really old style business cards. I went ahead and recreated the business card with the new logo I had created. Along with creating a business card for the owner, I was told to create myself a business card as well.

Keeping the owners business card design to his liking I was also able to create my own design.

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