Since my early childhood I've love games and moreover, love level design. I have a great appreciation for games with proper and well designed levels. I work countless hours and put all my effort into creating proper levels for any project that I work on. It is important to me that levels are properly structured, designed, and players enjoy the flow of the game.

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I designed and created all but Level 5, Drone Zone. Along with being the level designer, my other responsibilities are but not limited to: programming, UI and UX designer, level lighting, baking and set up of reflection probes, and prefab management.

These are my top 3 levels created along with the digitized level design layouts.

To see all my work on this project click HERE.

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Level 1 - The Awakening

The Awakening is designed to teach players on how to use the main grapple mechanic along with swinging, button activation, reeling and grapple on grapple.

I fully designed, created and polished level 1 - The Awakening.


Level 2 - Chained Momentum

Chained momentum is designed for players to further develop their grappling skills, learn unique grapple points and have them introduced to hazards.

I designed and created level 2; however, I had help from Madelyn Kahrman to polish the full level.


Level 3 - Intelligence

Intelligence is designed to introduce new unique abilities. Bloom (plant alien) will obtain an impulse and bouncepad ability while Synthia (robot) will obtain a drone shot and wiring ability.

I designed, created and polished several areas of level 3; however, I had some help from Chris Leu on polish within the middle/lower part of the level.



Having worked on Prop Attack I was the lead designer and lead programmer. My contributions are but not limited to level design, documentation, UI and UX design. To see all my work on this project click HERE.

Level design documentation PDF below.



Area 51 is an ongoing personal project which had been used for a level design final project. 

Below are images of the digitized level design. The level is playable up to 15 minutes and has patrolling AI; however, the AI only patrol and do not cause damage to the player.

Level design documentation PDF below



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