Isolated Intelligence, created by Soul Lantern, was developed using Unity version 2018.2.5f1. 


Isolated Intelligence is a networked asymmetrical co-operative puzzle platformer, inspired by Portal. Instead of using portals, we added grappling mechanics and player specific abilities.

There are two characters, Bloom (plant alien) and Synthia (robot). Bloom has organic grapple points (roots with leaves on them), whereas Synthia has metal grapple points that have wires hanging from them.

Within the third level unique abilities are introduced. Bloom will obtain impulse and bouncepad, while Synthia will obtain drone shot and wiring.

Interested? Check out the game for yourself on HERE!

Made in Unity 2018.2.5f1


Roles & Contributions

With over 600 hours worked, my project contributions are but not limited to:


  • 3D menu manager

  • 3D main menu handler

  • Moving platforms

  • Text percentage text

  • Rotating objects

  • Flickering lights

  • Collectables

  • Spline modifier

  • Fixed many existing scripts

Lead Designer

  • Managed:

    • Design team

    • Milestone contract

    • GDD/LDD Documentation

    • Unity folder structure

  • Created monthly tasks

  • Design/Created:

    • HUB

    • 3D main menu

    • 3D Credits showcase

    • 6+ levels design/created

    • 3D pause menu

    • Fixed many level issues

  • Polished:

    • 3+ levels

    • HUB

    • Main menu

    • Credits (lowest priority)

    • Lighting

UI/UX Designer

  • Created custom UI designs:

    • Menus:

      • Lobby

      • Player Options

      • Settings

      • Logs

      • Credits

    • Others:
      • Sliders
      • Handles
      • Buttons
      • Toggles
  • Configured:

    • In-game lighting

    • Post-process effects

    • Sensitivity limitations

​(Created all UI elements excluding chat box and emote icons)


3D Visuals

I designed and created all 3D visuals such as 3D main menu, credits, and also contributed to creating the 3D player pause menu. I was responsible for the creation of all UI elements, most being shown within videos below.

Check out the videos and images below!

Videos & Images

Isolated Intelligence started with a monotonous 2D main menu. I went onto designing and creating the 3D main menu. After many design iterations, this was the final outcome of the 3D main menu, polished.


Isolated Intelligence initially had a 2D credits showcase on the wall beside the menu options; however, I changed it to a 3D showcase within a few days. The 3D credits showcase is quite long, this is a sneak peak of the entrance. There are many interesting parts of the credits showcase, few of which will be shown in images below.

To view the full credits showcase, why not download the game HERE!


Isolated Intelligence initially had a 2D pause menu that would pop up on the screen; however, I contributed to changing it to a 3D design.


My contributions to the 3D pause menu are but not limited to: canvas placement/sizing, spline placement/setup, pause key setup, and custom material integration on all UI elements (shader created to prevent wall clipping, by Chris Leu).

All UI elements within the video demonstration were created by myself.


UI/UX Design

All UI elements excluding emote icons and in-game chat box were created by myself. Along with being the UI designer I handled all in-game lighting, post process effects and game control sensitivity, and more.

Isolated Intelligence consists of many broad levels, which resulted in many hours to bake lighting. With that being said, I resorted to using realtime lighting, shadows, along with the HUB's front glass having realtime reflections.

Each image will have it's own description.


Level Design

I designed and created all but Level 5, Drone Zone. Along with being the level designer, my other responsibilities are but not limited to: level lighting, baking and set up of reflection probes, and prefab management.

These are my top 3 levels created along with the digitized level design layouts.

Documentation Download Coming Soon!


Level 1 - The Awakening

The Awakening is designed to teach players how to use the main grapple mechanic along with swinging, button activation, reeling and grapple on grapple.

I fully designed, created and polished level 1 - The Awakening.


Level 2 - Chained Momentum

Chained momentum is designed for players to further develop their grappling skills, learn unique grapple points, and have them introduced to hazards.

I designed and created level 2; however, I had help from Madelyn Kahrman to polish the full level.


Level 3 - Intelligence

Intelligence is designed to introduce new unique abilities. Bloom (plant alien) will obtain an impulse and bouncepad ability while Synthia (robot) will obtain a drone shot and wiring ability.

I designed, created and polished several areas of level 3; however, I had some help from Chris Leu on polishing the full level.




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