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File Manager was developed to work in conjunction with NEM Building Services new company server. 

File Manager was designed to help digitize invoices, work order and many other paperwork. File Manager will have many options to either search for paperwork, create files, print paperwork and more in the near future. More features will be continuously implemented.

Having been in charge of developing the software, managing and setting up the company server, I present my File Manager software. 

Fully designed and created by myself, excluding the mountain.

Currently still in progress, design not finalized - this is version 1.7

(updated 08.25.19)

Roles & Contributions

With over 600 hours worked, my project contributions are but not limited to:


  • Directory programming

    • Folder and subfolder searching

    • Read and show folders

    • Path management

  • System programming

    • Open designated file​

    • Create designated file

  • Menu manager​​

  • Tooltip system

    • Mouse over any icon for 'x' seconds will show a tooltip​


  • User Interface

    • Buttons​

    • Icons

  • Settings drop down

  • Popup alert windows

    • Path not found window​

    • Set path window


Video Demonstration

This is a full video of the current state on the File Manager. This software is continuously being worked on and frequent updated are being made to improve reliability and performance.

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