Made in Unreal Engine 4, v4.7


Area 51 is a horror game, the main character (Richard) is afraid of the dark and cannot surpass darker areas within the level.

Area 51 was developed in Unreal Engine 4, version 4.7

Area 51 is an ongoing personal project that I've been working on. The game concept was developed many years prior to this level design project. 

Roles & Contributions

Level Designer

  • Full level created with 5 areas

  • In-game lighting adjustments
  • Level design documentation
    • Digitized hand drawn areas
  • Rigorous testing

Visual Scripting

  • Artificial Intelligence:

    • Patrolling "aliens"​

  • Player:​

    • Health
    • Sprint
    • Equip items
    • Movement
      • Sprint, crouch, jump​
  • Weapons:
    • Shooting​
    • Ammunition
    • Reloading

3D Artist

  • 3D Models:

    • Vending machine

    • Keycard​

    • Desks

    • Ceiling lights

    • Surveillance Cameras

    • Medical equipments, beds, etc.

In-game images



Area 51 is an ongoing personal project idea, which had been used for a level design final project. 

Below are images of the digitized level design. The level is playable up to 15 minutes and has patrolling AI; however they AI only patrol and do not cause damage to the player.

Level design document PDF below


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